Development Team Member for the Disaster Preparedness to Promote Community Resilience: Introduction to Promoting Community Resilience and the Disaster Preparedness to Promote Community Resilience: Toolkit and Appendices.

Primary author of “System Performance Improvement Briefs: COC Data Quality.” To help communities better manage their data quality, and to assist Continuums of Care (CoCs) and HMIS Leads in implementing their Data Quality Plan, SNAPS released this brief, focused on all aspects of data quality, including completeness, accuracy, timeliness, and consistency.

Co-author of Send Red Not Blue: The Homeless Resident. Report contributes to understanding the experiences of homeless individuals and families surviving and recovering from a disaster.

Co-author of Equal Access for Transgender People: Supporting Inclusive Housing and Shelters, Equal Access Self-Assessment for Shelters and Projects, Equal Access Decision Tree, and Equal Access Expectation: Training Scenarios for Use with Project Staff. Materials help homeless service providers adopt LGBT inclusive federal requirements and best practices.

Supported the production of Ending Veteran Homelessness in New Orleans: Lessons from a City that Reached the National Goal a Year Early written by Mark Johnston and the companion webinar: How New Orleans Ended Veteran Homelessness.

Primary author of the HMIS Toolkit. Toolkit covers the full life cycle of an information system.  It is a modular-based document that covers designing, implementing, maintaining and utilizing an information system for understanding and ending homelessness.

Primary author of the Calgary HMIS Policies and Standard Operating Procedures. Document provides guidelines, requirements, responsibilities, processes, and procedures governing the operation of the Calgary HMIS. System-wide HMIS documents and forms referenced are located at the end of the document.

Supported production of the Calgary HMIS Privacy Impact Assessment.  Assessment was a due diligence process to identify and address potential risks to individual privacy that might occur in the course of the Calgary Homeless Foundation’s operation of HMIS.

Supported production of the “The Community Recovery Playbook: A Guide for Using Community Development Block Grants for Disaster Recovery” NY-NJ-CT-PA Housing Recovery Program. Playbook is designed to streamline the process of post-disaster housing recovery.

Co-authored the “Directory of Disaster Response and Recovery Resources“. Directory provides disaster planning and preparedness information, summarizes the Federal response and recovery process, provides an inventory of resources that may be available to aid CoC organizations and consumers, and encourages coordination between the CoC and disaster organizations in all phases of disaster management.

Co-Authored Integrating Homeless Service Providers and Clients in Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery. National Health Care for the Homeless Council, Issue Brief, September 2014.